Porsches, Ferraris, McLarens And More Take On Great European Tracks

By   March 1, 2015

Porsches, Ferraris, McLarens, Lotus, Nissan GT-R and More on some Great Tracks

Porsches, Ferraris, McLarens and More on some Great Tracks

There are some wonderful tracks in Europe. Of course race tracks like the Nurburgring and the Circuit de la Sarthe get much of the press because of the famed races held there, but there are plenty of other great circuits.

A few of these are Ascari and Monteblanco in Spain and Portimao in Portugal. These courses are located in beautiful areas and have plenty of challenges for both the experienced and new driver.

Hit the jump to learn more and to see a video about these tracks.

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2016 Mercedes-AMG GT3

By   March 1, 2015

Mercedes AMG GT3

Ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz has release more information about the Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car. The high performance car is built to compete under the FIA’s GT3 rules for customer racing teams.

The new machine will give the AMG GT road car some racing cred. It will also get pitted against the Porsche 911, which is the sports car that the GT and GT S will be trying to compete against.

Hit the jump for more information about the Mercedes AMG GT3.

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Porsche Classic Radio With Navigation In Use

By   February 27, 2015

Porsche 964 with Classic Navigation Radio

Porsche Classic Navigation Radio

The other day we told you that Porsche Classic has a new radio for sale. This radio takes your vintage rear, front or mid-engined car and brings it into the modern era. It adds a navigation system, iPone / smart phone / MP3 player input and Bluetooth phone hookup.

While we haven’t gotten our hands to review the new radio yet, from this video it looks very good. The footage shows the new system at work as it is fitted to a very nice Porsche 911 Cabriolet.

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The First Five Generations Of The Chevy Camaro

By   February 27, 2015

Five Generations of the Chevy Camaro

The Camaro has had quite a history during its first five generations. The American muscle car took on the Ford Mustang and over the years has provided plenty of good competition. No matter if you drive something like a 2014 Camaro Coupe or a 1969 first generation convertible, each car is special in one way or another.

2015 is the final year for the fifth generation and before releasing the next gen car, Chevrolet shares a bit about each generation of the high performance machine.

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Video: How To Change Your Oil In A Porsche Boxster

By   February 26, 2015

Porsche Boxster Oil Change

Changing Oil in a Porsche Boxster

Changing the oil in a Porsche Boxster is a pretty simple job for one to tackle. However, because of the fact that it is a mid-engined car, many shops have charged outrageous prices.

I’ve been quoted as high as $500 to change the oil in one of these sports cars (although about $250 appears to be more common). The fact is that if one changes the oil themselves it can be done for around $70, and that is using Mobil 1 (I’ve found that you can get it for $25 per 5 quart container at Walmart and you’ll need two containers).
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